Birthday Reflections 

Today is my 28th birthday, and as I get excited about all the wonderful things to come, I can’t help but also reflect on this past year. The year of 27 was probably my best year yet. With it came so much growth, new experiences, new courage, new friends, and just so much joy. I may not have thousands of Facebook friends, or get hundreds of “likes” on a single post, or have 1,000 followers on my Facebook music page … but the people who are in my life are so amazing. I truly feel that I am blessed beyond measure. I am surrounded by people who inspire me to be myself, to love with grace & expect nothing in return, to be vulnerable, to try new things, to accept myself, and to play. 

*Side note: can we never get so old that we forget to just play?*

This past year I was able to finish recording my debut album. I stepped out into new music venues and pushed myself to write new songs and be present both in my daily life and on stage. It was during age 27 that I got my first paying gig! This was also the year that I put together my first (upcoming) show, with a full band! I won’t even begin to write about all the personal growth I’ve experienced along the way … spiritually, academically, in my career, and in my relationships … because I could reflect in a diary-like post for forever but I’m pretty sure that would only be entertaining to me. ;)

BUT what I do want to emphasize here is that who I am, what I have been able to do, the relationships I’ve been able to cultivate, and even the spiritual growth I’ve been able to experience, is really a reflection of the communities I’ve been able to be a part of, and the people who have surrounded and cultivated me with love, encouragement, and grace. You can’t do life alone. I’m so thankful for 27. And I’m so excited for 28, because there’s always more people to meet, there’s always more light to go around, and there’s always deeper places to explore. 


P.S. You should get me a birthday present. It should be a ticket to my CD release show. ;) 

February Reflections 

Brew’d Awakening Show Recap
Saturday, February 4th 1-3

How cool is it that this venue provides a space for musicians to showcase original music only! I LOVE THAT. Knowing that this show was coming up motivated me to finish FOUR new original songs. I got to debut those songs, along with songs from my upcoming CD, and more, to an attentive audience.

Take a look at some pictures of the afternoon below!

A Quote worth Reflecting on…

“Fear is restrictive … Those who step into their fears know the joy
that comes with the learning, and the growth
that comes with the courage to step into the unknown.
Often what we fear the most is what our heart is calling us to become. 
It scares us because it matters that much.”

-Susyn Reeve, The Inspired Life

Why I Love Valentine’s Day

Yes, we should show love to one another every day. No, we don’t need one day to remind us that we have people worth celebrating. Just like we shouldn’t need one day to remember that we were born, or that veterans served our country honorably, or that Mary gave birth to the savior in Bethlehem. 

But isn’t it nice, amidst our business and all the noise, to pause for a second and reflect on these things that give such significance to our lives? True, committed, genuine love is difficult to find, & if you were with a loved one this Valentine’s Day that is surely something to celebrate. For me Valentine’s Day has always been about celebrating all the people & love in my life. Remember when you were a kid, giving Valentines to everyone in your first grade class? Yeah… I’m the girl who still does that. Because to me that’s the spirit of Valentine’s Day, just loving on the people around you who you do life with.

Love is the most important thing we can offer in this world, and it can be shared in so many ways. That’s why Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. We set aside time and days to celebrate so many things, and to me LOVE is so worth celebrating.

Last week I shared with my mailing list supporters a piece of my finished song, titled More Love, from my upcoming album. The song is about doing everything we can to spread love in this world, because really that’s what the world needs more of. It’s not too late to join the mailing list and get more sneak peeks!

What if we strived to give & receive
non-conditional, non-transactional love?
What a beautiful world we could create.

Be yourself, be loved, & be free,
Katie Dobbins

For anyone who wants to listen... 

I have always been a creator. We all are creators, in our own right. I create with pictures, words, tools, textures, emotions, and sounds. Being a creator means being vulnerable… to yourself and also to the reactions of others. You create authentically and vulnerably, hoping that those creations… whatever they may be… will flow out into the world, inspiring others to build upon your art, be transformed by your art, or be empowered to set free their own creations.

A couple years ago, I decided to own the words “I am a singer songwriter.” Once I labeled myself, I became accountable to that label. If I am a singer songwriter, that means I should be continually singing… and writing. If I am calling myself a singer songwriter publicly, that means I should be sharing my signing and my writing. So even if it means performing a short 2 song 10-minute set at a late night open mic on a Monday (Lizard Lounge, pictured above), and getting home at 12:30am even though I have to wake up at 6 to teach high school students, I will. Even if it means waiting at The Burren for 3 hours to play 3 songs at an open mic, I will. Because I have committed to those words, “I am a singer songwriter.” And the best way to fulfill your vision for your life is to take steps toward it. Every time I go to these open mic venues, I learn so much just by watching other amazing artists. And I get to practice connecting with audiences and further growing in my craft. 

I am new to this commitment, which means I am new to this process, which means sometimes it (the “music” industry, or living up to other people’s expectations of what a “singer songwriter” should look like) all seems overwhelming and difficult and it’s hard to know where to start. But for me the best place to start is to play for anyone who will listen, to write for anyone who will listen (which at times may be just my own ears), and to never miss an opportunity to share my art, even if I’m not sure how it’s going to be received. 

It is often said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” If I may rephrase, I would encourage you with this: Whatever you want to be, say it out loud. Speak it over your life. Once you say “I am _____” and commit to that in your heart, no one can take that away from you. Whatever you want to be, be it authentically, creatively, vulnerably, and persistently. It’s not enough to just want to be good at something. Becoming who you are is a process, and it requires openness, communication with yourself and others, and the ability to just be real. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep creating, whether it’s just for you, or to be shared with whoever wants to listen.

My First Single! 

So after many many many man hours & some re-dos and modifications along the way, the completion of my first single has come to fruition! Check out my bandcamp page to read about the inspiration behind Something to be Found and take a listen! I hope you enjoy :)


The Learning Process 

I’m reflecting on how much I have learned within the past year… intellectually, creatively, emotionally, and spiritually. I have stepped into so many new experiences… recording an album, taking voice and guitar lessons, songwriting, teaching a new group of students, joining the band at church… I hopped on some kind of train and I don’t wanna get off. Ever.

When you are totally immersed in a learning process you start to realize all the things you don’t know. Which is the best motivator to keep pushing forward. There is so much to know. Not in an overwhelming way… in an exciting way.

Happy New Year! 

2016 is here, and this is the year that my first record is coming out :) I think 2016 is gonna be a great one!

In the past I’ve posted about “resets,” which is a very fitting word for a new year. For everyone who has donated and really supported me through the process of making this record, I know it feels like it’s taking a really long time. Trust me, no one is more excited to have this done than me! But by no means do I want to rush it because 1) It’s so much fun & 2) A lot can happen when you slow down. I just want to reassure everyone that some really cool things are happening in the studio, & I think taking my time with all of this is really paying off. Over the holiday break, I went into the studio and we continued to change up “Bring on the Fire.” Here’s something short & sweet to show you the transformation of the song from when we first started recording it to now. Please keep in mind it’s still a rough cut & is not near finished yet! 

It’s a WORK IN PROGRESS, just like all of us who continue to progress ourselves into this new year :)

Thanks for enjoying this process with me :D