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"[Dobbins'] sound lands her in a more traditional folk style, but you pick up trace derivatives of country interspersed throughout that gives her an added advantage among all the other up and coming acts in the scene today. It's not too often you encounter an artist experimenting with such authentic drive and precision, and with an artist of a high caliber like Katie delivering such a pristine and elegant voice, you will definitely be spellbound by her talent."
~ Music Box Pete

With moving lyrics and mesmerizing melodies, folk-pop artist Katie Dobbins captivates audiences and opens hearts. Whether performing solo or with a band, in front of twenty or one-hundred people, Dobbins brings energy and a personal touch to every show. A story-teller at heart, her catchy words and sense of humor will have you nodding and singing along in no time. Since the release of her debut album, She Is Free, Dobbins has been featured by several renown New England press outlets and radio stations. In August 2018, she was awarded "Best in NH" at The New England Music Awards. She was also nominated for Album of the Year (She Is Free) and Music Video of the Year (Post It Notes).

Dobbins grew up in a small town in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and currently resides in Somerville MA. She has felt drawn to music for as long as she can remember, and started dabbling on the piano as early as age 5. In middle school, a friend taught Dobbins a few guitar chords, and she has been writing her own songs ever since. Dobbins loved performing from a young age, jumping at every opportunity to get on stage. This included coffee houses, talent shows, and musicals. However, in a personal interview with Boston Voyager (read the entire interview here), Dobbins exclaims how fear kept her from running after her musical dreams during her late teens and early twenties, but that since she's become reacquainted with her childhood passions, it's been an incredible and exciting journey. Her debut album She Is Free (2017) was birthed out of Dobbins finding herself and being set free from those fears which had held her back in the past, and "the mission of Katie Dobbins Music is to reach hearts and minds, and to help spark the inner fire within us all" (Dobbins). As part of her mission, Dobbins records a monthly podcast called Let The Music Set You Free, where she invites artists to come talk about things that they have broken free from in the past, or things they are trying to break free from. Dobbins has covered a variety of topics including free from busyness, free from expectations, and free from people-pleasing. The podcast is available on all platforms. Click here for a deeper look.

Since the release of She Is Free, Dobbins has spent her musical career sharing her personal songs and stories about finding herself, pursuing dreams, and cherishing relationships while boldly exhorting listeners to set themselves free to live, love, and follow their own passions. Recorded at The Recording Co-op, an old barn that had been converted into a beautiful music studio, She Is Free received critical acclaim. Brian Varneke of Deli Magazine called it "a deeply personal record full of reflective poetry and messages of love," and Music Box Pete described Dobbins' sound as "derived within the folk and country mindset, with a realistic and down home sound that transports you directly to Nashville by way of Boston." For Dobbins, it was a personal declaration that fear would no longer hold her back, and that she had been set free to live with passion, expectation for great things, and love.

Dobbins' upcoming sophomore album, There Is Light, contains remarkably honest songs that capture seasons of both hardship and joy, but hold onto the hope that light will always illuminate and overpower darkness. The songs range a variety of genres, incorporating elements of folk, pop, and country, and dreamlike qualities that connect them all. This second album is a clear evolutionary step for Dobbins, with increased depth and range vocally, lyrically, and musically that together make her unique way of describing personal relationships and life challenges even more powerful and compelling. Full of songs that explore the intimate relationship of despair and hope with the human spirit, There Is Light reveals Dobbins as more seasoned in both life and her artistry. The album is currently available on all digital streaming platforms.

In addition to writing and performing music, Dobbins teaches special education at the high school level. Her teaching experience is often apparent on stage, as she makes jokes or asks questions of the audience. Dobbins also performs with the worship band at StoryHeights Church, located in Newton MA. In her free time she loves getting outside in every season. One of her most enjoyed outdoor activities is hiking, and she is in the process of hiking all 48 4,000+ New Hampshire peaks. These experiences influenced the writing of Mountain Song, which will be released with her sophomore album. Dobbins also has a love for crafting and writing and hopes to write a book one day. 




New England Music Award-winning Katie Dobbins draws from a palette of contemporary folk and new country to create a genre uniquely her own. With a mastery of storytelling and the heart of a poet, this soulful songstress captures elements of life and relationships in ways that lift the spirit and challenge the soul. Dobbins' music has been featured by renown press outlets including Deli Magazine and Boston Voyager. Carolyn Cruze of Country 102.5 WKLB raved, "Sweet but bold, Katie's voice is reminiscent of one of her heroes, Jewel, but only deeper . . . a fearless spirit with a gentle touch." Tom Bianchi, Talent Buyer at Somerville's The Burren, voiced "her message is as important and symbiotic with the music. With gorgeous harmony and song Katie lyrically weaves in stories of healing, growing and moving forward through the struggles of life." Dobbins enhances this energy through her sophomore album, There Is Light, with remarkably honest songs that capture seasons of both hardship and joy, but hold onto the hope that light will always illuminate and overpower darkness. Singles from There Is Light have hit airwaves on prominent New England radio stations including The River, The Hawk, and WATD, and the full record is available on all digital streaming platforms.

"There is an inner child in all of us, and if we're too adaptive to the world around us, that child can get buried so deep within that it is no longer recognizable. The pressures of life will weigh us down if we don't actively pursue uninhibited joy, true passion, and boundless hope."
-Katie Dobbins


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