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Meet Katie Dobbins of Katie Dobbins Music in Somerville

Today we'd like to introduce you to Katie Dobbins. So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don't you give us some details about you and your story. I consider myself to be a leader, a visionary, a creator, a performer, and a community builder.


Katie Dobbins draws from a music palette of contemporary folk and new country. With a mastery of storytelling and the heart of a poet, this soulful songstress captures elements of life and relationships in ways that lift spirits and challenge the soul. Dobbins' powerful yet comforting vocal tones draw you in and paint her lyrical truths into images that stay with you. Dobbins' Let The Music Set You Free movement, which inspires personal freedom and self-empowerment, has brought her to stages all around New England, including Boston-Area favorites The Lizard Lounge and The Burren. Featured in renown press outlets such as Boston Voyager and Limelight, her debut album She Is Free (released 2017) was described by The Deli Magazine as "a deeply personal record that is full of reflective poetry and messages of love . . . bringing to mind Jewel's Pieces of You." Throughout her record and live performances, Dobbins creates a warm inviting atmosphere that leaves her listeners longing for more. 

she is free, the story behind the album

"There is an inner child in all of us, and if we're too adaptive to the world around us, that child can get buried so deep within that it is no longer recognizable. The pressures of life will weigh us down if we don't actively pursue uninhibited joy, true passion, and boundless hope.

For years I hid a very real and creative part of myself out of fear or concern about whether other people would accept it. I headed down an expected and entirely satisfactory path... college, a salaried job, graduate school... Please understand that I am not knocking any of these things. They have all sown into the fabric of who I am today, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. But somewhere along the way, I started to feel like there was something missing. At one point I was so bogged down in "the everyday" that I was out of touch with the truest parts of myself. That is when "Something to be Found" emerged. It was the first song I had written in years, and it's incredibly important to me, which is why it is my debut single from the recording studio. 

Music has been engrained in me throughout my entire life, but it was only within this past year that I was able to fully embrace my musical muse and share it with the world. I experienced spiritual breakthrough at a Christian conference, called She Is Free, in Spring of 2014. I felt my flesh shedding all the boundaries and restrictions I had allowed in my life, and restoring itself with courage, boldness, and eager exhilaration. I believe that we have many gifts and great power within us, but we rarely allow ourselves to fully tap into it. My debut album (released in May of 2017) is be called She Is Free because I am choosing to let go of fear, self doubt, and boundaries. I am setting free all the music I have cultivated up until this point and am propelling myself forward into whatever comes next. I hope that when you listen to my music it brings you joy, and that you will join me on the journey to intentionally, persistently, and joyously plug into our true selves."

-Katie Dobbins

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